welcome to my home page

Atlanta 1994 – 2013
NYC 2013 – present

Sometimes I am Aquatic Themes and I play music to people in dark foggy rooms.

You can send hate mail to dev@devinblack.com.

I like many things, such as:
Techno, House, Bass, Romanian Minimal House, Cave Techno, Guilty Pleasure Dubstep, Unironically Good 90s Trance, Late 90s / Early 00s High End Hotel Lounge Muzak, Reconstructed Club, BBC Radio One Excluuusives, Experimental, Too Experimental, Every Single Rendition Ever of Gnossienne No.2 Ever, Drexciya Ripoffs, Blade Runner 2049 OST Selections Played By Marcel Dettman b2b Radio Slave At Around 1pm In Berghain, Rock Music, High School Band Covering First Two Rammstein Albums, Spotify Chill Playlist Muzak, Distant Coyote Screams In Those Humid Summer Nights, Bootleg Deep House Mix CDs, Every Ricardo Villalobos Tracks Over 15 Minutes And Under 40 Minutes Long, Ultra. Not Chilled, NuTrance, Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (Korn Remix), Ruby Rhod’s Presence On The Fifth Element OST, Motivational Spoken Word House, Discouraging Spoken Word House, Witch House, Microhouse, Nanohouse, Picohouse, Femtohouse, Attohouse, Zeptohouse, Yoctohouse, Tracks Included On Ultimate Airplane Ride Sleep Playlist, Blog House, Timeline House, Non-Chronological Algorithmically Sorted Feed House, Music For Mooring Masts, Brand Sponsored Mix CDs, All Colors Of Noise, Middle School Band Performances That Really Suck But The Parents Are So Into It, Vague Pop Music For Tinny Speakers In Department Stores, Instrumental Covers Made For Karaoke, and of course, Field Recordings of Crashing Waves.

I JUST learned that the spikes on infrastructure (lights, beams, etc) out and around the city are not there to repel acrobatic urban explorers but rather to dissuade BIRDS!